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About the Project

Restriction.Intervention.Connection is a curatorial project by Louise Burns, Sophie Fulton and Sam M Harley, three Glasgow School of Art students, studying an MLitt in Curatorial Practice.

This multi-media exhibition aims to combine a simultaneous analysis of Covid-19’s effect on the online shopping industry and the traditional routines of viewing art.

As museums and galleries close or have their visitor capacity cut, exhibitions have adapted by moving online, using virtual reality, video and photography. Additionally, the pandemic has caused a spike in the online shopping sector. Whether these websites be used for their traditional commodified purpose or as an unconscious entertainment, this project will use these platforms to interrupt the viewer's everyday scrolling habits by placing art across an array of shopping websites.

5th - 6th November 

4pm - 4pm


During a 24 hour period, from 4pm to 4pm on 5th-6th Nov 2020, a selection of artworks will appear, hidden in plain sight, across pre-existing platforms such as Gumtree, Etsy, Depop and eBay. The artworks will only be connected by the searchable keywords HANDCUFFS, WHISKEY and TELEPHONE. These three words are physical representations of the exhibition’s title RESTRICTION.INTERVENTION.CONNECTION creating a multi-platform ‘easter egg’ hunt.

As a group we are interested in traditional vs contemporary, the domestic space and creating an exhibit which is entirely accessible for all. Online has become a fundamental domestic space and we hope to discover new ways of visualising work to a public which would traditionally experience a gallery setting.

As each exhibit will appear alongside the everyday for sale object, this enables the boundary between art and non-art to blur. It will also introduce a second, organic audience who discover the exhibition through their own unconscious scrolling.

This collaborative exhibition is a passion project that we hope to continue and develop throughout and after our inaugural event! We thank you for your support and encourage any creative individuals who are interested or intrigued to contact us by DM or email at:

Sophie, Sam and Louise x

About Project
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